• De-Winterize Your Horse Trailer

    Get the anti-freeze out of your horse trailer’s water tanks, fresh water plumbing, and hot water heater with this instructional step-by-step video tutorial.
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  • Winterize Your Horse Trailer

    Make sure your horse trailer is winterized and ready for the worst frozen winter can offer. Tips on horse trailer plumbing, water systems, faucets, drains, and anti-freeze in a winterizing video by Lakota.
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  • How to Prepare Living Quarters for Your Next Trip

    Oh no, there's no hot water! It is free-eeZING in here! What is that smell? These statements strike fear in your heart as you enter your living quarters - the fridge is off, the heat isn't working and the toilets - well you can imagine the type of mess that could happen. Learn how to make sure these words aren't said on your trip!
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  • What is the correct tire pressure?

    What really is the correct tire pressure??? Talk about a loaded (and yes, pun intended) and confusing question! There can be conflicting information but we can help you figure out what really is the correct tire pressure for you and your trip.
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  • Horse Trailer Tire Tips

    Learn how to check horse trailer tires for low pressure, flats, damage, and defects. Avoid horse trailer flat tires on the road.
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  • How To Prepare Your Horse Trailer for Your Next Trip

    There is no better way to ruin a trip than a “broke down” horse trailer. You are loaded with...

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  • Trailering FAQ

    Ready to hit the road? Whether you are a new or experienced, traveling with horses and a horse trailer can be a different experience each time. There are lots of resources out there and we want you to have all of your questions answered – no matter how big or small!
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  • Returning Home – Post Trip Clean-up Tips

    After a trip, the last thing you want to do is spend time cleaning up. Check out our handy list to get the clean-up done quickly so you can be ready to go for the next time. An opportunity can arise at any time and we sure would not want you to miss a trip because you are not prepared!
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  • Common Causes of Tire Blowouts

    Tire blowouts can be dangerous and scary when on a trip. Learn the common causes of tire blowouts and what to do if you find yourself with a flat tire.
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