• History of Dixie Horse & Mule

    Back in 1987, Don Smith founded the Dixie Horse & Mule Company right here in Wicksburg, Alabama. In the early years DHMCO was a horse and mule trader, just like the name says. Before long we were one of the largest and most respected in the country.
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  • Buyer’s Guide

    Are you thinking of Purchasing a Horse Trailer? The options can be endless. Our experts will help you navigate the different features to find the right horse trailer for you!
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  • Financing FAQ

    Financing is an important consideration when purchasing your horse trailer. It can be a source of uncertainty and a deciding factor when selecting your next horse trailer. Our Finance Department shares some of the most common questions.
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  • The DHMCO Difference

    What sets us apart from other Horse Trailer Dealers? In addition to the HUGE inventory, the DHMCO Difference is what has made us one of the largest and most respected horse trailer dealerships in the world. Find out why we are the best and what we do to help EARN your business!
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  • Horse Trailer Lingo

    Are you looking for a horse trailer and overwhelmed by all the ‘industry lingo’? Check out DHMCO's glossary of lingo terms to help understand the different parts and features of a horse trailer>
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  • Trailering FAQ

    Ready to hit the road? Whether you are a new or experienced, traveling with horses and a horse trailer can be a different experience each time. There are lots of resources out there and we want you to have all of your questions answered – no matter how big or small!
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  • Buying FAQ

    Buying a horse trailer can be a big decision with lots of factors to consider. Our Buying FAQ will help you to know what to expect when you purchase your new horse trailer.
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