9256_201710304496The Dixie Renegade Exclusive

It is more than a coincidence that the Dixie Renegade shares a name with Dixie Horse & Mule. There’s also a reason why the Dixie Renegade is one of our best selling models and the story begins with the owner, Don Smith.

Not only is the Dixie Renegade made exclusively for Dixie Horse & Mule but it was designed to fit the specs that Don felt weren’t being filled – an affordable and well-made living quarters horse trailer. There are a lot of luxury horse trailers out there with bells and whistles and they also have a price tag to match!

Don wanted something for his customers that would have basic living quarters with quality construction AND that would still be affordable for the everyday horse hobbyist. The inside has essentials for a weekend trip – cooktop, refrigerator, sink and toilet. Storage is important when you are traveling and there are extra storage compartments tucked around.

It is the details that really make the difference. The materials used are sturdy, useful with a simple finish. For instance, when you wake up in the morning, do you want to put your feet on something hard and cold or soft and comforting? The sleeping area/bedding area is carpeted. And you know it isn’t just about the trip but who you are with so the main living area has a bench seat – we’ve even hidden away some extra storage underneath the bench.

The Dixie Renegade is designed as an affordable, well-made horse trailer for a hobbyist that enjoys weekend trips with their horses.

Most models start at $19,995 and have the basics that will give you a comfortable stay for your travels.  To take advantage of this incredible value, all models are sold as they are equipped and are not available for upgrades, modifications or with trade-ins.