New 2024 Bison Ranger 7208 2 Horse Trailer

Stock# 02167 - $42,678 - Located in Wicksburg, AL

2024 Bison Ranger 7208 Features

Horse Area

  • 2 Horse


    Dimensions & Weights
    Dimensions & Weights are approximate

    • Empty Weight: 8320 lbs.
    • GVWR: 15060 lbs.
    Please review all features with a salesperson. We try our best, but sometimes features and weights get mislisted.
    All Horse Trailers, except those sold AS IS, will be run through our shop AFTER they are sold.
    Pickup/delivery time is based on shop schedule at the time of purchase.

    Bison Horse Trailer Warranty

    • Structural - 6 years
    • Bumper to Bumper - 2 years
    • Living Quarters - 2 years

    Optional Additional Coverage

    • USRider Equestrian Motor Plan - 24/7 Nationwide Roadside Assistance for You and Your Horse
      Click here to learn more about USRider Benefits - Dixie Horse & Mule Co is proud to be a USRider authorized reseller!
    • Tire & Wheel Coverage - 5 year Road Hazard Coverage - No Deductible!
    Warranty information is subject to change without notice. Please contact the manufacturer for details and current information.

    We look forward to hearing from you!

    From our customers...

    I would like to recognize one of your employees for outstanding customer service. Brooks has the kind of attitude toward his customers that should make a company proud to have him as a part of their staff. I have had several problems with my new Sundowner Trailer that I purchased from Dixie Horse & Mule Company and I greatly appreciate Brook's efforts, kindness and attention to detail in correcting the problems. I have watched Brooks stop what he was doing and personally perform work himself and pay great attention to detail to ensure customer satisfaction. I know DHMCO sales most of their horse trailers on line therefore, I do not know if many of your customers have the opportunity to actually meet your service staff. However I know that if all of your customers are treated with the kind of attitude that Brooks exhibits in his daily work, you will have a lot of repeat customers. After all, the best marketing scheme any company can have is satisfied customers freely advertising for them and that is what I intend to do based solely on how I was treated by Brooks.

    I would also like to comment on John. He always appears to work hard to please Brooks and customers.

    Thank you for this opportunity to comment and I hope that DHMCO will reward these employees as they well deserve.

    Satisfied Customer,

    Keith Alan Hinson